AHANSAI INDUSTRIAL COMPANY was founded in 1984 and is active in the installation of equipment and manufacturing of storage tanks, process tanks and pressure vessels in the following industries: Oil and gas, Petrochemical, food processing, waste water treatment.

AHANSAI performs its industrial operations in three plants, the total area of which is 16000 sqm. AHANSAI with its over 80 employee is engaged in the design, supply and erection of fixed and floating roof tanks, columns, drums, pressure vessels and process tanks.

AHANSAI with its long standing experience, up to date technology and quality control as per ISO 9001 is offering its stainless and carbon steel products. We can offer rapid deployment of our employees to provide field services, which many years of practical experience have enabled them to provide the required services efficiently. The technical department of AHANSAI INDUSTRIAL COMPANY can meet almost every need of our customers since it is able to design according to well known international codes such as API 650, ASME, BS, etc.

AHANSAI Industrial Company recognizes the new millennium’s business imperatives — SPEED, LOW COST and HIGH QUALITY and PROJET MANAGEMENT. We adapt and upgrade our resources continuously to keep up all these aspects.