Ahansai Company will prepare a specific quality control and inspection plan for each project based on quality standard requirements of ISO 9001-2008 and quality assurance rules to achieve the target quality.

The plan will be submitted to clients prior to end of 1 st month of contracts. The plan cover and present all required control points during the different stages of project execution.

The main goal of the Ahansai’s managements is production with highest quality.

Quality control plan will be executed in workshop using the ollowing methods:

Use of skilled welders having reliable certificates

Use of welding procedure specification (WPS) with qualified record (PQR)

Execution of Non-destructive tests (NDT) like penetration test (PT), radiography test (RT) and magnetic test (MT) to asuure sound welds in fabricated equipment.

Execution of dimensional measurements during different phases submission of all material certificates, final mechanical book containing all inspection/ test reports/welding operator/welder certificates/PWHT reports.

Software used in projects

The following software’s are used in our design office:

PV Elite: Design of pressure vessels and heat exchangers

Tank: Design of storage tanks

The company has a good cooperation with other engineering

ISO 9001